Jalaram Bapa: No donations, prays Jalaram Bapa temple

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At a time when temples across the country are a mad struggle for donations in temples witness, Jalaram Bapa Temple Virpur, about 52 km from Rajkot, is there a decade to complete without a good cause.

The temple, which is accepting donations in cash or kind stopped since February 9, 2000 will resound with celebrations on November 2 as the city observes 212 {+ t} {+ h} birth anniversary of saint Jalaram Bapa, revered as God. The atmosphere was nothing less than Diwali with lakhs of devotees displaces this town are. Decorated panels would interfere with children throughout the city enact plays based on mythological stories. Jaysukhram Bapa, 84, a descendant of Jalaram Bapa family, said: “We have stopped accepting donations since the last 10 years. We only want to feed people wholeheartedly and with sincerity.”

Asked about the reason for confidence that it can not accept donations, he joked: “There can be no reason for not accepting donations. We just want people to get blessings, the Prasad and return satisfied. Who provides money or other good cause is requested to take back and instead be used to help the needy. “the trustees and priests are seen politely ask devotees to take back their donations

Yet for 10 years, the donations, such as legumes, cereals, oil, sugar and others were anonymous.

On an average, from 4.000 to 5.000 people have the Prasad of ganthias, Bundi, Sabzi and Khichdi-kadhi in the temple, according to sources.

According to the trust, Jalaram Bapa was started kshretra anna (food court) in Virpur with intent to all devotees who came to pay homage to feed. “We are only taking forward this tradition started by Jalaram Bapa and let anna kshretra for all 365 days,” said Jaysukhram.

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